Colored Ceramic Coral Mounts

For years we have been asked to make colored ceramic coral mounts. “Anything but bright white!”
We experimented with a variety of different clay bodies, glazes, colorants and everything we could think of but nothing was quite good enough. The results were either too expensive, toxic or just plain ugly.

I am very pleased to announce that we have finally done it. Not only can we provide “anything but bright white” we can provide just about any color you might imagine.

Colored coral mounts look more natural in your reef tank, hidden by the colors of coralline algae, also, since they are not bright white they do not mess with the white balance of your camera when you take pictures of your frags for sale.

For standard retail packaging we are going to be concentrating on pink/purple and possibly charcoal grey but we are considering a variety of colors and possibly a color variety pack in the near future.

Send us your vote for your favorite color and we will consider it for the list. (Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, whatever you think would work best.)

Also, since we do so many custom coral mounts we went ahead and added color to the list of possible customizations. Want a custom color for your custom coral mount, yeah we can do that.

The added color is very affordable, adding only about $1 to the cost of a standard retail bag of plugs or disks at suggested retail prices.

Look for these exciting new products from Boston Aqua Farms in your local fish store and if you can’t find them there ask them to get them for you.

For larger coral farmers we can offer much larger bulk packs of all of our coral mounts direct from our web site as well, we keep thousands of our standard mounts on hand at all times.

Although black and coralline are our two standard colors we can do many colors as custom items.

Take a look at these great pictures of just a few of the colors we have available.

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